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Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists

 Request for Examination Accommodations



ACBIS provides reasonable testing accommodations, guided by the Americans with Disabilities Act, to certification candidates with documented disabilities.


Candidates must complete the Request for Accommodations form (below) to be considered for accommodations.

Submission of a request for an accommodation does not guarantee testing accommodations; decisions are made on an individual basis, and require supporting documentation as outlined below.


Supporting Documentation:


Candidates must supply a letter or report from a neuropsychologist, physician or other healthcare professional qualified to diagnose the disability and to render an opinion as to the need for an accommodation.

The letter must have been written on official stationery within the past two years and must include the following elements:



Please click here for the Accommodations Request Form


Submit both the supporting documentation and the Request for Accommodations Form to:

ACBIS Coordinator
Brain Injury Association of America
1608 Spring Hill Road, Suite 110

Vienna, VA  22182 
703-761-0750 Ext. 631 

FAX: 703-761-0755