ACBIS Announcements

September 2014

Message from the Chair of the Board of Governors, Bud Elkind, MS, CBIST

A hearty congratulations to ACBIS and to our 6,206 certificants (CBIS – 5,923, CBIST – 205, and our newest certification PCBIS - 78). Breaking 6,000 is not only a milestone, it represents a significant increase in knowledge and a step forward as we endeavor to improve the quality of care for individuals with brain injuries. A very special thanks to each of you.


New Feature

The ACBIS Board of Governors wants to create a community of enrichment – an Academy – that supports Certified Brain Injury Specialists and Trainers. To meet that goal, we will periodically send ideas for gaining new information or skills. We will start by letting you know about a tool we find valuable in our daily business and education lives.

Google Alerts is one of the most powerful free tools available but it is often overlooked. It monitors the Web for words and phrases and will send you an email or update an RSS feed every time it finds a new result. It sounds pretty simple, right? You will be amazed at how powerful a simple tool like Google Alerts can be. It has a huge range of uses which are limited only by your imagination.


You can set up an alert for “brain injury” and you will get any breaking information that contains the words “brain injury”.  We have set up this alert and get approximately 10 news stories on brain injury stories from around the world every day (you can set the frequency of emails in the Google Alert tool). 


•             Monitor your own organization or others            

•             Monitor questions/key phrases in your niche

…and everything else!


Okay, so we have lives outside of work, too!  You can set up alerts for anything!  Following something in the news, coupons for a specific store, breaking news from events around the world, favorite band, or any person that influences you is easy to set up.  What about a specific job search for an organization, in a specific location in the country…around the world?


There are many great “how to” tools on the web so we’ve included some links (out of many) for setting up your FREE Google Alerts that work for you!


If you’re comfortable setting up basic web searches, you can go directly to the Google Alert site:


For step by step guides and more details please visit:

We’ll talk to you again soon with more hints and opportunities to engage your ACBIS community.  If you have similar tips to share, please let us know.


New ACBIS board members


We are delighted to inform you of two new ACBIS Board members.


Dr. Drew Nagele is the Executive Director of Beechwood NeuroRehab, a life-long living program for adults who have an acquired brain-injury. A neuropsychologist, Dr. Nagele currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Academy for the Certification of Brain Injury Specialists, Co-Chairs the National Collaborative on Children’s Brain Injury, and Co-Chairs the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine’s Pediatric and Adolescent Task Force. Founding President of the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania, he also teaches in the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Post Doctoral Certificate Program in Neuropsychology, and frequently speaks on brain injury prevention and rehabilitation around the country.


Dr. Nagele received his BS in Psychology from Ursinus College, his MA in Community Psychology from Temple University, and his PsyD in Professional Psychology from Central Michigan University. He is a Licensed Psychologist in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


Dr. Nagele is especially pleased about Beachwood’s new brain injury clubhouse, which has been very well received by members and families.


Barbara O’Connell is co-founder of Acquired Brain Injury Ireland (ABI Ireland), where she has been Chief Executive for over 13 years.  ABI Ireland is a national organization that provides community neuro-rehabilitation for people with an acquired brain injury.  Barbara has built the organization from an idea to a national organization that now serves over 2000 clients across the island of Ireland and has an annual budget of over 12 million Euros.  Prior to setting up ABI Ireland, Barbara worked as an Occupational Therapy Manager in Ireland’s National Rehabilitation Hospital, pioneering the design, implementation and management of social re-integration programs for people with an ABI, bridging the identified gap between post-acute services and return to the community.  Across her career she has worked directly with clients and staff in Adult and Adolescent Psychiatry and Intellectual Disability.

Barbara has an MBA in Healthcare & Business from Smurfit Business School UCD.  Along with Women in Leadership training she completed an Executive Education course in Non-Profit Strategic Management in Harvard Business School in 2012 and Strategic Decision making in the Harvard Kennedy School in 2013.  Additional achievements for Barbara include the two awards she received in 2012: Women Mean Business - Social Entrepreneur of the Year and National Winner of Ulsterbank’s Business Achievers Award for Social Enterprise.